Patterned Pendants (and I’m a winner)

The last time I promised there will be more of these little pendants, which I call Patterned Pendants. And I didn’t lie (I just regarded my blog a little).

I call them Patterned Pendants because they remember me of the patterned paper, which you use for scrapbooking. But this was just my first source of inspiration, you may see my passion for retro designs and patchwork too. Please have a look on my flickr gallery – there you can see all the pendants and earrings in a better view and what I did since my last blog article. I still love to create these pendants (and taught a class already) and I made matching bangles (taught a class too 🙂 ) as well. The next thing will be brooches in this simple and funny style.

In February, as I found my love for the Patterned Pendants, I made a necklace in the same style. It was my contribution for the Perles & Co Design Contest „Visions of the Future“  and now I won the first prize in the amateur category.

It was the second time I participated in a contest and the second time I made a first place. I’m so happy and a little proud of me. I’ll keep claying.

5 Antworten to “Patterned Pendants (and I’m a winner)”

  1. suzanne Says:

    hallo Jana!

    gratulation zum ersten Preis! die Kette ist wunderschön und wie du ja weisst liebe ich deine Farben zusammen stellung.

    noch viel Glück

    ciao suzanne

  2. Magali Says:

    Désolée de parler en français mais bravo pour cette 1ere place bien méritée !!!
    Toutes vos créations sont SUPERBES !

  3. Laura Lang Says:

    Congratulations on both of your wins! I love your use of retro designs and bright colors. Great job. Laura

  4. Riinu Valk Says:

    I just love your art!

  5. Marija Says:

    I like your patterns! I do a little with polymer clay. But more with wire. I would like to see more of your work!
    Hope to see you on my blog 🙂

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