Claying around

Actually I wanted to do more ECC stuff. I tried to create some pendants with rotatable discs – Donna Kato’s  Spinner Bracelets inspired me and I had something in mind but things never turn out the way you expect. After a few tries I put away my clay tools and started to sew some bags. Then Christmas, New Year’s Eve, busy times, infrecquent claying – now I’m back, ideas and inspirations too. It started when I was going to make a farewell gift for my son’s kindergartener. I asked her about her favourite colors and I wanted to keep it small and simple, so I made a little set – a pendant and ear pendants. After this I wanted to create more stuff of that kind, until now I can’t stop. Two pendants are in my flickr gallery already, all the rest will follow soon.

7 Antworten to “Claying around”

  1. suzanne Says:

    hi Jana

    i love you’re new production!!


  2. Vanessa Says:

    I wish you attended the Austrian Polymerclay Spectacle to get to know you. I am always amazed when seeing your creations.

  3. Judy Belcher Says:

    Beautiful, as usual, Jana. Your work always puts a big smile on my face! hugs, Judy

  4. Jana Says:

    I absolutelly love the colors that you are using and the patterns & designs are just adorable. Love it!

  5. marykot Says:

    It’s very very beautifull….. y like your work !

  6. Selma from Sarajevo Says:

    I absolutelly love the colors that you are using! Please put a tutorial so that we can better understand the technique. We unfortunately do not have courses in polymer clay, so I am learning from you from the internet. For me, you are the best! 😀 🙂

  7. vroni Says:

    Superschöne Anhänger! Bin total fasziniert von dieser tollen Kombinationa aus bunten Farben und dem tollen Design! Wirklich eine großartige Umsetzung! – vroni

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