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Claying around

28. Februar 2011

Actually I wanted to do more ECC stuff. I tried to create some pendants with rotatable discs – Donna Kato’s  Spinner Bracelets inspired me and I had something in mind but things never turn out the way you expect. After a few tries I put away my clay tools and started to sew some bags. Then Christmas, New Year’s Eve, busy times, infrecquent claying – now I’m back, ideas and inspirations too. It started when I was going to make a farewell gift for my son’s kindergartener. I asked her about her favourite colors and I wanted to keep it small and simple, so I made a little set – a pendant and ear pendants. After this I wanted to create more stuff of that kind, until now I can’t stop. Two pendants are in my flickr gallery already, all the rest will follow soon.