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ECC Retrospection I

20. Oktober 2010

Flaring is a nice technique, which Christine Dumont teached at the ECC in Madrid. To flare and still having even stripes after this is a challenge and Christines Tubularium Pendants and Butterfly Beads are so perfect and beautiful (with even stripes). I think, I’ll need a few years with daily practice to get these stripes in this way, unfortunately I don’t have any time for this. That’s why I made no stripes and Skinner Blends instead. 🙂 Christines workshop was gorgous, in the night after I got some ideas for own flared pieces and my fingers started to tickle, as always when I want to clay (it’s not easy to fall asleep with tickling fingers). My first piece was just a model and also had crackles after it was cured (and I missed my tools and wire). But it was the base for these pendants, which I made after the ECC at home and which you can see in different views in the pictures. They look like little crazy hats to me (and I love the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland), so I namend them Mad Hat Pendants. 🙂  I really like Christines technique and I had much fun while I made the pendants. But I have a goal: I want to create one or more pieces for every ECC workshop, I attended. So, what’s next?

Hola Madrid (y adios)!

16. Oktober 2010

I had a few wonderful days at the Euroclay Carnival in Madrid, I’m so happy I was there. A few days before I wouldn’t go because I was tired of polymer clay. But before I knew what’s happened I sat in the airplane and had a wonderful view over the Alps.

Four days, six great workshops, georgous teachers and last but not least all the wonderful girls I met –  and I forgot  to take pictures. 😦 I was to busy with talking, claying, eating, shopping, cleaning my place and so on. But for a little while actually I had nothing to do and I managed it to take a picture of my table. Best regards to Mila and Christopher, who sat next to me. In the foreground you can see my messy box with my tools. 🙂

I learned so much in the workshops and I got so much ideas, I’ll need some weeks to make them real. And I became a fan of Leslie Blackford’s work. I’ll wear the little skull thing almost every day, I promise. 😉 The days passed away all too fast, after a last look from the window of my room in the hostel (have one too in the picture), it was time to check out, the last workshop, a last gorgous lunch, the last workshop (with Donna), many good-byes  and the trip home.

Thank you so much, Natalia and Dani, Eva, Christine, Donna, Judy, Leslie, Olga, Noelia, Mila, Christopher and all the other girls (and Alex) :). I will treasure your inchie. Now I’m glad to be at home with all the tools I need (my case was not large enough for all) and my clay. 🙂