Patterned Pendants (and I’m a winner)

7. Juni 2011

The last time I promised there will be more of these little pendants, which I call Patterned Pendants. And I didn’t lie (I just regarded my blog a little).

I call them Patterned Pendants because they remember me of the patterned paper, which you use for scrapbooking. But this was just my first source of inspiration, you may see my passion for retro designs and patchwork too. Please have a look on my flickr gallery – there you can see all the pendants and earrings in a better view and what I did since my last blog article. I still love to create these pendants (and taught a class already) and I made matching bangles (taught a class too 🙂 ) as well. The next thing will be brooches in this simple and funny style.

In February, as I found my love for the Patterned Pendants, I made a necklace in the same style. It was my contribution for the Perles & Co Design Contest „Visions of the Future“  and now I won the first prize in the amateur category.

It was the second time I participated in a contest and the second time I made a first place. I’m so happy and a little proud of me. I’ll keep claying.


Claying around

28. Februar 2011

Actually I wanted to do more ECC stuff. I tried to create some pendants with rotatable discs – Donna Kato’s  Spinner Bracelets inspired me and I had something in mind but things never turn out the way you expect. After a few tries I put away my clay tools and started to sew some bags. Then Christmas, New Year’s Eve, busy times, infrecquent claying – now I’m back, ideas and inspirations too. It started when I was going to make a farewell gift for my son’s kindergartener. I asked her about her favourite colors and I wanted to keep it small and simple, so I made a little set – a pendant and ear pendants. After this I wanted to create more stuff of that kind, until now I can’t stop. Two pendants are in my flickr gallery already, all the rest will follow soon.

ECC Retrospection I

20. Oktober 2010

Flaring is a nice technique, which Christine Dumont teached at the ECC in Madrid. To flare and still having even stripes after this is a challenge and Christines Tubularium Pendants and Butterfly Beads are so perfect and beautiful (with even stripes). I think, I’ll need a few years with daily practice to get these stripes in this way, unfortunately I don’t have any time for this. That’s why I made no stripes and Skinner Blends instead. 🙂 Christines workshop was gorgous, in the night after I got some ideas for own flared pieces and my fingers started to tickle, as always when I want to clay (it’s not easy to fall asleep with tickling fingers). My first piece was just a model and also had crackles after it was cured (and I missed my tools and wire). But it was the base for these pendants, which I made after the ECC at home and which you can see in different views in the pictures. They look like little crazy hats to me (and I love the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland), so I namend them Mad Hat Pendants. 🙂  I really like Christines technique and I had much fun while I made the pendants. But I have a goal: I want to create one or more pieces for every ECC workshop, I attended. So, what’s next?

Hola Madrid (y adios)!

16. Oktober 2010

I had a few wonderful days at the Euroclay Carnival in Madrid, I’m so happy I was there. A few days before I wouldn’t go because I was tired of polymer clay. But before I knew what’s happened I sat in the airplane and had a wonderful view over the Alps.

Four days, six great workshops, georgous teachers and last but not least all the wonderful girls I met –  and I forgot  to take pictures. 😩 I was to busy with talking, claying, eating, shopping, cleaning my place and so on. But for a little while actually I had nothing to do and I managed it to take a picture of my table. Best regards to Mila and Christopher, who sat next to me. In the foreground you can see my messy box with my tools. 🙂

I learned so much in the workshops and I got so much ideas, I’ll need some weeks to make them real. And I became a fan of Leslie Blackford’s work. I’ll wear the little skull thing almost every day, I promise. 😉 The days passed away all too fast, after a last look from the window of my room in the hostel (have one too in the picture), it was time to check out, the last workshop, a last gorgous lunch, the last workshop (with Donna), many good-byes  and the trip home.

Thank you so much, Natalia and Dani, Eva, Christine, Donna, Judy, Leslie, Olga, Noelia, Mila, Christopher and all the other girls (and Alex) :). I will treasure your inchie. Now I’m glad to be at home with all the tools I need (my case was not large enough for all) and my clay. 🙂

Hello again!

3. September 2010

It’s been a long time since I wrote my last article. One reason is I don’t like the english/german version anymore and a second reason is the layout. CSS ist still a closed book for me and I’m tired of it too, so my blog is still under construction. Because of that it’s time for changes. In the future I will keep the layout simple, a layout which works with firefox AND windows internet explorer. This blog will be my english blog, I will have another german blog. It’s sometimes hard for me to translate a german text, I needed hours for just one article. My english isn’t very good – it will be easier for me to write in english only. You won’t know what I actually meant to say but it makes sense anyway. I love the english language and I will blog in english furthermore , so I will keep you informed about my polymer clay work. This is the plan.

Mein erster Workshop / My first Workshop

14. April 2010

Letztes Wochenende habe ich zum ersten Mal einen Kurs gegeben – ich habe gezeigt wie man die Calyx-AnhĂ€nger macht. Wir waren zu sechst, das ist sehr gut fĂŒr den Anfang. Niemand war gestresst und wir hatten viel Spass. Zum Schluss haben wir etwas lĂ€nger gebraucht als geplant – als wie fertig weurden war es schon dunkel und ich konnte leider kein Foto von den Endergebnissen machen. Aber schliesslich war es das erste Mal, da darf nicht alles glatt laufen. 🙂

Last Weekend I tought a class for the first time – I tought calyx pendants. We were six ladies, that was fine to begin with. Nobody was stressed and we had much fun. At the end we needed more time as calculated – as we’re done it was already dark outside, so I was not able to take a good picture of the finished pendants. But it was the first time – it mustn’t go all correct. 🙂

Das ist unser Tisch. Auch wenn es hier nicht so aussieht, wir waren sehr fleissig.

This is our table. Although it didn’t seems so here – we were very hard-working. 🙂

Ich hab ja schon erwÀhnt, das wir viel Spass hatten, hier kann man es sehen. Und Vera trÀgt meine Kette.

I mentionad wie had much fun but here you can also see it. And Vera wears my necklace. 🙂

Das sind meine AnhÀnger.

These are my pendants.

KĂ€ferbroschen / Beetle Brooches

14. April 2010

Vielleicht habt ihr schon meine KĂ€ferbroschen in meinem Flickr-Album gesehen. Vielleicht auch auf , dort gab es ein nettes Feature. Leider habe ich es bis heute nicht geschaft, einen Artikel darĂŒber zu schreiben, denn ich wollte  Fotos draussen im Garten machen, doch das Wetter war oft schlecht und wenn die Sonne endlich schien, hatte ich so viel zu tun, dass ich das  einfach vergessen habe. Und nun haben schon einige KĂ€fer einen neuen Besitzer gefunden. Trotzdem möchte ich sie hier nicht unerwĂ€hnt lassen. Wie man unschwer erkennen kann, haben sie  Ähnlichkeit mit den Calyx-AnhĂ€ngern (tatsĂ€chlich wollte ich Calyxe mit einer flachen Seite machen). Die nĂ€chsten sind schon geplant und dann werde ich auch endlich die Fotos im Garten machen.

Maybe you saw my beetle brooches on my flickr-gallery. Maybe on, there was a nice feature (many thanks!). Unfortunately I didn’t write an article until today, because I wanted to take pictures in the garden, but the weather was bad. On sunny days, I had so many things to do and I forgot to take pictures. Today some bugs found a new owner.  Anyway, I didn’t want to let they unmentioned here. You can recognize, there is a similarity between the beetle brooches and the calyxes ( actually I planned to make calyx pendants with a flat side). Now I plan to make more beetles and then I’ll finally take pictures in the garden.

Calyx Upgrade

17. MĂ€rz 2010

Noch ist der FrĂŒhling nicht in Sicht, doch in meiner Pflanze hĂ€ngen schon ein paar seltsame BlĂŒten. Ich finde, sie machen sich dort ganz  gut.

The spring isn’t in sight yet but in my plant already hang a few curious flowers. I think  they’re doing well there.

Schon im letzten November, als die ersten Calyx AnhĂ€nger entstanden sind, wusste ich, dass ich an diesem Design noch viel Freude haben werde. Diesmal habe ich mich vor allem auf die BlĂŒtenblĂ€tter konzentriert, nachdem die mit Farbverlauf ganz gut geworden sind, habe ich mich an PĂŒnktchen, Streifen und Texturen gewagt. Das Ergebnis könnt ihr hier sehen. Diese AnhĂ€nger werden ganz sicher nicht die letzten sein, ich habe schon ein paar neue Ideen und ich denke, auch als Ohrringe wĂŒrden sie sich gut machen.

As early as last November, as the first calyx pendants were made, I knew I would have much fun with that design. This time I was primarily focused on the petals, after the skinner-blend ones had suceeded, I tried polka dots, stripes and textrures. Here you can see the result. These pendants won’t be the last for sure, I have some new ideas and ear pendants would be fine as well.

Der Sommer kann kommen/Summer may come…

2. MĂ€rz 2010

…ich bin vorbereitet. Nach der „Caribbean Summer“ (ich berichtete) habe ich zwei neue Ketten gefertigt, namens „African Summer“ und  „Swiss Summer“. Noch ist der Sommerurlaub nicht geplant, vielleicht geht er ja diesmal in die Schweiz. Afrika ist mir zu heiss und die Karibik zu teuer – leider.  Aber die beiden kann ich sowieso ĂŒberall tragen.

…I’m prepared.  After the ‚Caribbean Summer‘ (I told about) I created two new necklaces, named ‚African Summer‘ and ‚Swiss Summer‘. The summer vacation isn’t planned yet, maybe Switzerland this year. Africa is too hot and the Caribbean to expensive for me –  it’s a pitty.  But I can wear both everywhere.

Die lÀngeren Teile sind aus weissem Fimo und ich habe sie mit den Clearsnap Chalks bestempelt. Da man diese Stempelfarbe durch Hitze fixieren kann, kann man damit auch sehr gut andere Materialien als nur Papier bestempeln. Mit dem richtigen Finish kann man schönen Schmuck  auf diese Art herstellen.

The longer parts are from white polymer clay and I stamped on it with Clearsnap chalks. You can fix the colors by heat, so you can stamp also on other materials than only paper. With a good finishing, you can create beautiful jewelry in this way.

Diese Kette habe ich so deutlich und mit allen Details vor meinen inneren Auge gesehen, dass ich sie eigentlich nur noch entstehen lassen musste. Vielleicht habe ich zuviel „Heidi“ geschaut, wer weiss? 🙂

I had this necklace so clear and with all details in my mind, I only had to let become it real. Maybe I watched to much ‚Heidi‘, who knows? 🙂

Kleine Schachteln/Little Boxes

25. Februar 2010

Ich lasse mich von der Neugestaltung meines Blogs ziemlich leicht ablenken, kleine Schachteln sind mir aus Papier auch viel lieber. Seit letzter Woche besitze ich nun endlich einen Scor-Pal – ein praktisches Ding. Dank diverser Anleitungen auf kann ich nun meinen Schmuck (und andere Sachen) in kleine SchĂ€chtelchen verpacken. Ich hab auch schon ein wenig geĂŒbt.

I’m  distractet from the restyling of my blog very easy, because I prefer little boxes out of paper. Since the last week I finally own a scor-pal – a useful thing. Thanks to diverse tutorials on, I’m ready to gift-wrap my jewellery (and other stuff) in little boxes. I already practiced a litte.

Danach noch schön verzieren und schon hat man eine Verpackung, die sich sehen lassen kann. Sieht ein bisschen weihnachtlich aus, oder? Meine kleine Tochter hat es allerdings nicht gestört, einen Moment war ich unaufmerksam und schon ist die (zum GlĂŒck leere) Schachtel  in ihren HĂ€nden gelandet. Was ein einjĂ€hriges Kleinkind damit anstellt, kann man sich ja vorstellen. Also werd ich gleich ein paar neue machen.

After that a few embellishments and now you’ve got a nice gift. It looks a litte festive, right? My little dauhgter wasn’t impressed, I was inobservant just one moment and the little (fortunally empty) box falled in her hands. You can imagine what a one-year-old do with it. So I’ll make new ones.